Friday, November 28, 2008

My (De)Evolution as Depicted by Lyndon Gregorio

Lyndon Gregorio, the creator of the highly successful "Beerkada" comic strip series that appears daily in the comics section of the Philippine Star and which have been collected into 8 trade paperbacks editions, always leaves a little treat whenever you ask for him to sign your Beerkada book.

He always leaves a little sketch of either the book owner or a Beerkada character, which I'm sure leaves the autograph seeker very appreciative of the gesture. I've had all my 8 editions signed, with 3 sketches of myself. It's fun to look back and remember clearly how I looked, and what I wore, during the time he signed it.

The first sketch Mr. Gregorio made of me is clealy my favorite. this was done during the U.P. Fair of 2004. It's a really great looking sketch. It's amusing that it depicts that I wore a Fila shirt and black pants that day. I had this sketch scanned and printed a large version. I hung up the printing in my office. I really get a kick out of the picture not only because it adds aesthetic value to my office but also because of the interesting reactions I get whenever people walk into my office. Whether they're ambassadors or other diplomats of rank, high-level government officials, businessmen, or ordinary people, they end up intrigued by this piece of art. Talk about a conversation starter. Others offices of government are adorned with an Amorsolo, Manansala, or Kiukok: my room has a Gregorio.

The second drawing is from last year's Komikon, where Lyndon Gregorio was nice enough to make a sketch not only of me but also of my then girlfriend (and now my better half).

The third one is from last week at Komikon 2008.


Aside from sketches of my mug, Lyndon Gregorio has also made drawings of Beerkada character in my books.

This one is from the U.P. Fair of 2004. He asked me who my favorite Beerkada character was, I said it was Bryan Stada. When asked why, I answered that he reminded me of people I know. And so he drew a picture of Bryan and left a little side comment.

This next one was also from the same event. A self-portrait of the artist.

The last one is from Komikon 2007. I guess he just felt like drawing Jimmy Goco at the time.

So thanks for the sketches Lyndon! One tagay for Beerkada from me.

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