Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleep All Day

I've found new appreciation for my office. There are times when my room is a torture chamber, with stacks of paper just reminding me that my work is not even close to ending or getting any easier. With the work just pouring in, I feel like Beetle Bailey peeling potatoes, with the huge amount of potatoes about to fall on top of me and bury me into oblivion.

But thanks to the addition of a couch to my office, I have grown fond of quiet moments of rest inside my room's four corners. With the work just taxing my energy, by lunch time, I already need to get a good half-time rest. I have decided to forego lunch meals in favor of a good nap.

Gasp, a government official sleeping on the job. Yes, I can be found sleeping at work. But it's worth it to just get that re-energized feeling by the time work resumes.


Speaking of my room, people in my building don't really take time to decorate theirs. I just have this compulsion to always personalize my work spaces. My office is no exception.

(So like a rapper in an MTV show) Yeah, yeah, yeah! Welcome to my crib, peeps!

Just in case people have no idea that I'm into comics:

Oh, and of course, I have to have a room with a view.

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