Thursday, January 8, 2009


The 12 of us met exactly 2 years ago in a dimly lit makeshift classroom, raring to start with our classes that were supposed to teach us the art of diplomacy. We learned our lessons and earned each others respect and friendship (though I would never let that show with my actions). The 12 people who hurdled the Foreign Service Examinations become a batch, then a working unit, then a group of colleagues, and then a clique.

I tried to enjoy work and its unbearable burdens. One thing that made things easier was that I knew there are people in the office I can be at ease with. As the Beatles taught everyone, we can get by with a little help from our friends.

Two years later, looking at my batchmates, from eager trainees, now I see officers that exude the air of grizzled vets who eat sniper fire for breakfast. How things change in such a short time.

Here's hoping all my remaining 9 batchmates get a good posting this year. Everyone has really earned it.


I said "remaining" because two have left for new shores. Congratulations to Hot Momma for her posting to Bangkok

and DMX for her posting to Cairo.

I'll see you ladies when I see you. 'Til then I remain... PB.

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