Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're Off to See the Wizard

...of Enchanted Kingdom, that is.

After getting my Assignment Order for my posting to Tripoli, I thought I'd celebrate with Cay by going to the Philippines' version of "the Happiest Place on Earth". If champion NFL teams can go to a theme park to have fun, why not me?

With our handy-dandy map, we set out to make sure we get on all the best rides.

Dodgem- Who doesn't love bumper cars? Just homicidal driving fun at its legal best.

Up, Up and Away- It was so boring I almost fell asleep while on it. A slow jeepney ride in traffic has more excitement than this thing.

Roller Skater- 30 seconds of crappy "entertainment", seconds taken from my life and I won't ever get them back. It was so bad I actually timed how many seconds I wasted on this thing.

Anchors Away- One of the best rides. Ride this thing from the end seat and enjoy as the "boat" goes vertical. Swing it, baby!

Bump N' Splash- So-so ride. Would have been better if the pool was bigger and the controls weren't so iffy.

Rialto- Good God! This thing is awful. I remember that the Rialto was the best thing I experienced during my first visit here. Now I can't believe how bad it is. Sitting on a rocking chair or a swing is way cooler than this.

Flying Fiesta- Gravity-defying fun. As my favorite penguin, Opus of Bloom County, always wishes, "fly, fly, fly, fly, fly..."

Wheel of Fate- It offers a great view of the entire park and the surrounding areas. A perfect place to take pictures when you reach the top.

Jungle Log Jam- My favorite ride. In this thing, the bang is as good as the anticipation. Highly recommended.

Rio Grande Rapids- Really good. If only it didn't cause me to travel back home soaking wet. DO bring an extra set of clothes if you want to try this ride.

Swan Lake- Not good at all. The "swans" were too small to fit my fat ass comfortably and the pedals were too small for my feet. And this was an exercise I didn't plan on getting. Bummer.

Space Shuttle- Unfortunately, this thing was closed for the day. Maybe someday...

Grand Carousel- No. I didn't ride this thing.

Some more pics of the place:

Overall, the visit was enjoyable. But a good dose of reality hit me during this visit. The last time I was here was when I was 13 years old. My age has doubled now. All these years, I thought of coming back here to experience the wonder of the place again, and try all rides I wasn't able to try.

The moment I got here, I saw the place wasn't the way I had it pictured in my memories. I realized the place was small. I've seen several malls easily dwarf this place. What seemed so magical then now looks as grimy as the streets of Manila. And the rides that seemed so awesome now seem tame. I rode patok jeepneys traveling from Cubao to Antipolo everyday when I was in school. That was sheer excitement, and deadly real.

I grew up. And relatively, the place grew small to me. The memory never adjusted to the reality, until now. But still, the place offers fun for a one day outing. This place is really for the kids, it's with them where the magic can truly stay.

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