Sunday, October 18, 2009

Singapore Sling

Congratulations to J.Llo for his posting to Singapore.

May people there laugh at your sung jokes and see the world through your eyes, through which people can claim to look like any moviestar. 'Til then I remain... PB.


  1. Hi Maverick ,
    I have just spent the last 2 hours reading your blogs which Ihave found really interesting. I am a Scottish guy looking to work in Libya and would really appreciate any advice guidance about living/ working in Libya.
    I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor who lives a rather quiet life.
    Reading your profile you love your comic book characters.
    Sorry about being so brief but I am trying to research as much information as possible.
    From a very cold and wet Scotland I bid you good day and Illok forward to hearing from you. You can e mail on me
    Many Thanks
    Michael Devine

  2. Hello Michael! Thanks for reading my blog. I've only been here in Libya for a few months and I've stayed in Tripoli all this time. I barely qualify as an expert on life here. But it's good you mentioned that you live a quiet life because I think you'll fit well here. Life here is simple and relaxed. And the Libyans are hospitable to foreigners, so no worries there. For more help in your research, may I point you to the following sites:

    I hope these help.